Cataract Surgery


The cataract has been removed from your eye and an artificial lens has been placed in the eye.

Keep the shield on for the first night 

Be careful walking or performing any tasks

Do not rub the eye

Eye drops     

Starting the day after surgery use the eye drops 4 times a day until  your next doctors appointment.

Pain Medication

Take your usual pain medication but do not exceed recommended dosages.

Keep water out of your eye for 14 days after the operation  

Shower and bath as usual.  Be especially careful when washing your hair.

Keep dust out of your eye where possible.

Avoid straining   

Gentle exercise only.

Wear sunglasses  

Dark glasses recommended especially in strong light.

TV and Reading    

These activities are acceptable.


It is not advisable to drive a vehicle for the first 24 hours.


If you experience any significant sharp pain, decreasing vision or sudden onset of 'many floaters & flashing lights' you should contact your surgeon.

Bunbury and Busselton Eye Doctors
Phone: 9791 4111


South West Eye Surgeons
Phone: 9721 6633


If you have had a general anaesthetic/sedation your judgement may be impaired for up to 24 hours.

We advise that you should:                                                

  • Not drive a car or operate machinery
  • Not travel alone on public transport, drink alcohol or sign important documents
  • Have someone stay overnight with you
  • Continue your normal medication unless otherwise advised