Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Why do I need an escort?

An escort is required to receive the discharge instructions from the nurse and to drive you home (in a suitable vehicle). Because you are having intravenous sedation or general anaesthetic it is advised that you do not drive a car for 24hrs following the procedure.

Following intravenous sedation or general anaesthetic you must have a responsible adult staying with you, at least overnight, in the event that you feel unwell. This person must be physically and mentally able to make decisions for your welfare if necessary.

We will be unable to proceed with your procedure if you have not arranged a suitable person to accompany you home and stay with you overnight.

Q – Is parking available?

On-site parking is available at the front of the day surgery.

Q – What does Private Health Insurance cover me for?

If you purchase hospital cover with a private health insurer, you will be covered for some or all of the costs of being a private patient in either a public or private hospital.

The exact amount of hospital treatment you are covered for depends on the level of hospital cover that you purchase, as well as the hospital and the doctor you choose, and whether they have an agreement with the insurer.

It is your responsibility to understand what level of cover you have. As each health fund varies it is advisable to contact your health fund to ensure that you are covered for the procedure booked.

Q – Am I covered as soon as I take out private health insurance?

When you join a health fund or increase your level of cover you may have to wait some time before you are able to claim benefits.

Q – Am I covered for a condition that I had before I took out private health insurance?

If you were ill before you took out private health insurance, you will have to serve a pre-existing ailment waiting period before you are covered for treatment associated with your illness. This waiting period is usually 12 months, however, you should check this with your fund.

Q – Can I change health insurers if I want to?

Yes. You can change insurers at any time, or change insurance policies at any time, however if you are changing insurers and/or changing to a higher level of cover, you may have to serve a waiting period before you can claim benefits. This includes transferring to policies with lower excesses or co-payments.

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