Banding of Haemorrhoids


After this procedure:

  • There may be mild discomfort and desire to open the bowels for a few days.
  • Small rings may be passed at any time.
  • There may be some bleeding during the first two weeks due to banding.

When to seek medical advice:

Please contact your doctor or hospital if you -

  • Experience any pain not controlled by medication.
  • Develop a fever.
  • Develop excessive bleeding.
  • Experience any general feeling of being unwell that continues more than two days post procedure.

If you have had sedation or general anaesthetic for this procedure:

The drugs used may still be in your system.

You must make sure you have a responsible adult to care for you at home after the procedure.

Until the following morning you should not:

  • Drive a vehicle, ride a bicycle or operate machinery
  • Make any important decisions
  • Sign legal documents
  • Drink alcohol