Patient Information - Pre Admission

Your Surgeon’s rooms will provide you with the pre-admission booklet for your procedure at Bunbury Day Hospital.

Please read the pre-admission booklet carefully.

Once you have completed the Patient Pre-Admission Information and Health Questionnaire  please deliver, email, send or fax to Bunbury Day Hospital.

Please note it is very important that we receive your information promptly to allow us time to check your private health fund/ insurance and  your medical needs prior to the procedure. Your booking is not confirmed until we have received and processed this paper work.

The hospital will contact you the business day prior to your procedure to let you know your arrival time.

Our Admission Liaison Nurse may also contact you when we receive your health questionnaire if further information is required.

If you have any questions regarding your stay at Bunbury Day Hospital please contact our Admission Liaison.


If an interpreter is required Bunbury Day Hospital recommends that patients use a friend or relative who is available for the whole period of the admission. If this is not possible, please notify Bunbury Day Hospital and we will work with you to arrange an interpreter service.


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