Wound Care


Managing your wound/dressing:

 Specific instructions for the care of your wound will be given at the time of discharge

  • Always wash your hands before attending to your wound/dressing.
  • Never leave a wet or dirty dressing covering your wound. Replacement dressings are available from any chemist.

When to seek medical advice:

  • Increased redness, or red streaks developing around the wound site,
  • Increased swelling, or warmth and tenderness of the wound site,
  • Increased pain, despite taking regular pain relief medication,
  • Pus-like discharge/ooze,
  • You develop a fever,
  • Large lumps appear in your armpit or groin,
  • The wound starts to gape open.

If you have had sedation or general anaesthetic for this procedure:

The drugs used may still be in your system.

You must make sure you have a responsible adult to care for you at home after the procedure.

Until the following morning you should not:

  • Drive a vehicle, ride a bicycle or operate machinery
  • Make any important decisions
  • Sign legal documents
  • Drink alcohol